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Stay Warm With A Furnace Tune-Up From Direct Energy Essential Services

Your furnace is a mechanical appliance, like the engine in your car. And like all mechanical systems, it needs both regular (monthly) maintenance and an annual tune-up.

A furnace tune-up from Direct Energy Essential Services can improve the operating and energy efficiency of your furnace by up to 15%. It can also help identify necessary repairs that will ensure your home's heating system runs as smoothly and safely as possible.

While you can do the regular cleaning or replacement of your furnace's air filter it's not enough to make your furnace work as efficiently as possible. A furnace tune-up from Direct Energy Essential Services is much more than an inspection or filter cleaning. Our 22 point checklist provides a comprehensive tune-up that will ensure your system is in top operating condition. This service includes:

  • Cleaning, lubrication and inspection of critical operating parts
  • Removal and cleaning of blower motor and assembly
  • Testing of motors, electrical, ignition and combustion systems
  • Gauging of gas pressures, and monitoring of electrical voltage and amperage
  • Safety checks for leaks of carbon monoxide, combustion gas and exhaust gas
  • Recommendations for the homeowner:
    • Regular on-going maintenance needs
    • Recommended repairs for optimal efficiency and peace of mind

Avoid inconvenient breakdown and emergencies, and know that your furnace is in good shape. Call 1-800-266-3939 today for more information, current prices or to book an appointment.

Our certified technicians service all makes and models of forced-air furnaces, as well as boiler systems and primary heat source fireplaces.

Please note, this service does not include duct cleaning.

Reduce Your Energy Bills with an Efficient Furnace

The potential energy savings from upgrading your furnace could astound you. Newer furnaces offer up to 90% efficiency and are up to three times as efficient as those installed just 10 years ago. And the sooner you upgrade, the sooner you can start saving. Plus, a high-efficiency furnace can also be less detrimental to the environment than a regular furnace because it will burn less fuel.

Planning Your Purchase

This section will help you answer whether you should repair or replace, as well as types, costs and efficiency ratings to consider. Learn more.